10 Awesome Travel Hacks When You Are Broke

10 Travel Hacks For When You Are Broke

It’s the holidays or you have a long weekend coming up but it’s that time of the month and as much as you want to take that road trip, your bank balance says no.

Who doesn’t like travelling, seeing new places, discovering new things?

You don’t have to travel to Dubai or holiday in Hawaii for you to have a good time.

Even on a low budget you can still enjoy life like any other person out there.

For it is not in where you go but in the satisfaction you get when you realize that you are doing something you enjoy.

If you don’t have a lot of money, your life doesn’t have to suck because of that.

Rather, find ways of turning your short comings into something really great.

And there are so many hacks to travelling on a low budget that no one tells you.

1. Target off season

This is something that most people have never discovered.

Don’t plan you travel when prices have hiked and tourists have swarmed these places.

You don’t have to travel to Mombasa in April, August or December.

Everything will be so expensive from hotels all the way down to what you eat.

If you are on a low budget why stress yourself travelling during such times? The places are not only congested but you will part with so much to make it work.

The hack is to target off season, January being one of my best. All the hype has died down and everything is cheap.

2. Travel in groups

Low Budget travels

While it’s not in all cases that group travel is cheaper, it is far much better than travelling alone.

You are more likely to get group discounts not to mention its more fun than being solo.

3. Carry your own snacks and drinks

If you have travelled before, you know how expensive it is to buy food at your travelling destination.

If you are on a low budget, packing your own food and drinks will save on so much and you could spend that money on other activities.

4. Booking in advance

Some facilities always allow for advance bookings which is usually cheaper than paying at the gate.

If you are looking to travel anywhere, make your bookings earlier.

5. Stay in hostels

This one is pretty obvious but cannot be over emphasized.

You will save so much staying at a hostel than booking a hotel.

Though I know it is not desirable, if you are broke and want to see the world, this is one of the best hacks.

And hey, fake it till you make it, right?

6. Target free goodies

So many hotels have great offers on food, like All You Can Eat Thursdays, Pizza Wednesdays and so much more.

If you are travelling, targeting these hotels will save you so much.

You can load up on free food when you go on adventures without having to pay through your nose for a decent meal.

7. Focus on the experience rather than material stuff

You don’t have to bring home souvenirs every time you travel.

Instead, why not focus on collecting memories? These will be worth so much more that loading up your suitcase with stuff you will never use.

Your bags will not only be lighter when going back home but your wallet will not have suffered.

8. Street food is always cheaper

Think about how much you would be saving if you just skipped than expensive hotel meal and focused on seasonal products at the local joints.

There are always good places to eat around if you are broke.

I am not telling you to risk your life by eating at shoddy places, but there are clean eateries that are so much cheaper than some hotels. And street food is always sweet and it something that you must try hen you travel to any country.

9. Walk as much as possible

Do you really need to go on an expensive safari with all the tourists to feel good about yourself?

When travelling, minimize your usage of public transport like cabs by exploring places you can on foot.

10. Choose a destination that fits your budget

Last but not least, choose a destination that fits your budget.

You know your finances more than anyone else and you know what you can afford and what you cannot.

Learn to be disciplined by target destinations that you can afford.

If this time you can only afford to go to Mombasa for three days, don’t book a flight to Johannesburg then.

Stick to your lane and I promise you will travel to so many places that way. If your finances allow it, you can always start saving for those other destinations that you can’t afford now.

Don’t postpone travelling just because you are broke. There is so much you can and so many ways of still enjoying the good things in life without flushing hundreds of thousands of shillings on a single destination.



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