5 Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

January 23, 2018

It’s another great year and that means keeping up with the current trends. 2017 came and went and now we have to embrace new strategies and new content marketing trends that will shape this entire year.

Throughout the last year, content marketing has grown and has shaped so many businesses. Lest take a look at the content marketing trends that we should watch out for this year.

Content Marketing Trends 2018

1. More focus on quality rather than quantity

Content marketing has come a long way. Some have done it so well and it has generated sales for them but for some well, not so much.

A lot of brands thought that churning out tones of content everyday was the way to go about it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While content is important, one of the trends to keep up with is quality.

Yes, it may take you several hours to craft a quality blog post but it will be much better than ten blog posts that don’t meet quality.

This means taking your time to research and write content that is free of grammatical errors and resonates with the audience. In short create quality content that people can actually read, share and even comment on.

2. Format experimentation

As human beings we have a tendency to get comfortable with where we are as long as it is working. This is one of things that you need to keep away from if you are to succeed in content marketing this year.

In content marketing, you can rarely stick to one area, be it blogs, articles or videos. Don’t be content in just creating free blog posts when you have the potential to create impressive videos that will sell your content better.

Relying on only a single content marketing approach is limiting. Investing in time and money can work in repurposing your content in different formats. But this doesn’t mean producing shoddy videos.

The kind of videos you produce say a lot about you.

3. Brand transparency should be the heart of your operation

So many things have come and gone like the #adpocalypse which really went bad for vloggers when Youtubers started creating content on behalf of other brands without disclosing their relationships.

The result? Consumers felt cheated and lied to by people they trusted. Some businesses are still trying to bounce back from that.

This year, one of the trends will be more transparency. Companies will be more open about the content they sponsor.

4. Content that doesn’t sell

Businesses in the past have seen content marketing as a way of generating sales and as such most have created content that has ended up turning into adverts.

This year, you will see shifts from advertising as businesses realize that content marketing is not all about selling and will instead focus on creating content that is entertaining and informative which will ensure brand loyalty.

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5. More emphasis on strategy

People go insane whenever a new marketing concept or buzz word comes into play. They quickly rush to try it out without strategizing first. Well, if you try it and it works, well and good.

You can invest money and time if you can demonstrate ROI but if not, I suggest you create a plan first.

Many business end up taking this approach only to come back later and claim that content marketing is not working, content marketing works, for everyone if done well.

Would you spend money on Google Adwords and just sit back and hope that it works? Will you advertise without creating a strategy first?

The trend this year will be more businesses focusing on creating content marketing strategies, running campaigns and then analyzing results.

Content marketing if done well can end up generating millions if not billions in sales. And many businesses are already embracing content marketing trends and creating content that markets their brands and puts them at an advantage over their competitors.

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