8 Things Most Kenyans Don’t Know About Kenya

Much has been said about Kenya but I still believe that it is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.

From the beautiful Chalbi desert – a bare and salty gem in the north, to the highest mountain on the continent, the plains of the Maasai Mara characterized by the majestic annual wilder beast migration to the beautiful coastal region.

It is also home to quite a number of talented athletes that make us proud every time they go to represent our country. And not to mention other amazing talents that are putting Kenya on the global map both in Hollywood and other countries.

And despite what anybody says or calls us, we know our pride lies in our diversity.

Kenya is a major tourist destination, and despite what you may know, here are a few facts that I bet you didn’t know about this amazing country.

Fun Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know About Kenya

1. We have 6 UNESCO World Heritage Centers

Fort Jesus Mombasa

UNESCO recognizes sites that hold great physical and culture significance in countries around the world. Kenyan has six of these sites that we hold to dearly and have become major tourist sites.

They include, Lake Turkana, the only lake that thrives in a desert, Mt.Kenya forest, the Great Rift Valley Lake Systems, Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forest, the magnificent Fort Jesus and Lamu Old Town – the oldest and best preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa.

2. Cheese tasting culture


Kenya and cheese is probably not something that will just pop into your head.

But thirty minutes away from the city centre in Limuru is Brown’s Cheese, an award winning cheese factory that prides itself with producing all natural cheese.

Brown’s offers cheese tasting tours as well as cheese making classes for those who are interested in the subtle art of cheese making.

3. You can actually go for snake safaris

Personally, this is a no, no, no.

But for those who have a life and know how to enjoy it, you can always go snake hunting in Kenya.

We have over 100 snake species in Kenya and Bio-ken snake safari offers just the ultimate experience for those who would love to partake in this exercise.

They have a three day package snake Safari along the Galana River and a more popular Big Five Safari where you get to hunt for boomslangs, cobras, pythons, puff adders, and mambas.

4. There is a place where you can actually eat in a cave

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant in Diani

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant in Diani, estimated to be around 120,000-180,000 years is the only restaurant that features a cave as a restaurant.

Diners can enjoy a meal 10 meters below the ground in this open air coral cave restaurant.

Who knew?

5. You can swim with the dolphins

Dolphins In Wasini

Forget what you see in those romantic western movies.

You can actually swim with the dolphins right here in Kenya.

At Wasini, you can actually get close to them and even pet them since they swim real close.

6. Kenya is old and might just have been the birth place of humanity


Paleolithic remains were discovered in Turkana that led Scientists to conclude that Kenya might just be the birth place of human kind.

The great Right Valley which can be seen from space by the way is over 20 million years old believed to have been formed when the tectonic plates separated to form the continents.

7. Kenya has been a perfect location for some major blockbuster films

Black Panther Movie

Once in a while Kenya has had its charm on Hollywood acting as the perfect location for some major movies.

Some of the movies that you didn’t know were shot here include;

  • Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life (2003)
  • Out of Africa (1985)
  • The Constant Gardener (2005)
  • Born to Be Wild (2011)
  • The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)
  • The First Grader
  • Nairobi Half Life
  • King Solomon’s Mines
  • Nowhere in Africa
  • To Walk With Lions

8. Elizabeth became queen in Kenya

The narrative goes that Princess Elizabeth was staying at The Treetops Hotel with her husband Prince Phillip when news came that her father King George VI had passed on.

Well due to the death of her father, she did technically become queen while in the country but of course she had to travel home for the official coronation.

Kenya has the most fascinating of wildlife and maybe as old as mankind but has a certain beauty that is hard to find elsewhere. Beautiful, unique and enchanting are some of the words I can use to describe this wonderful country. You should make a point of at least touring every year as you get to know more about your country.


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