Top 7 Blog Ideas That Could Get You Traffic & Help You Make Money In 2018

January 2, 2018

When we talk about how to make money blogging, most of the bloggers will advise you to find what you are passionate about.

However, not all blog niches get you the necessary traffic to actually make money through your blog.

Though passion is important, it shouldn’t be the only thing that you consider when starting a blog. Think about a subject that is not necessarily your passion, you start writing about it and within a few months you are already making money out of it. How easy is it to turn this completely new niche into something you love? Pretty easy actually.

The one thing you need to think about is what people really want? If they want to know how to manage their finances, then go with that, if it’s living healthy I don’t see why you can’t venture into such a niche.

Everybody wants information that will help them improves their lives, which is the whole reason people go to the internet. Tap into that and you are on your way to make impressive figures just by writing about it.

Here are top blog ideas that you should consider if you are thinking about monetizing your website or personal blog.

Blog Ideas For 2018

1. Personal Finance

This is one of the easiest blogging ideas to venture into if you have the information. People are always looking for ways to make money, how to save and invest.

You will be driving a lot of traffic to your site if you concentrate on this. The secret is to focus on SEO to get the right people vising your site.

Consider your audience and give then what they really want and then register on Google Ad Sense to start making money.

2. Fashion and Beauty

This is one of the most successful blog niches that you can venture into. You will not only be in a position to gain a lot of traffic but you can get into col fashion and beauty events.

The best way to create a successful fashion and beauty blog is to put yourself out there.

Most beauty and fashion bloggers end to concentrate on visual channels like Youtube and Instagram, build a massive following and then move on to improve their blogs.

3. Health and fitness

Among the most searched queries on Google each year are related to health and fitness.

When starting off, the best thing to do is to start off as an affiliate marketer.

You will realize that this will work for you because our target audience is searching for solutions to problems and a link to a product that actually helped you can give you a real boost.

4. Food

This is a bit difficult to start because your target audience is not looking to buy anything. Most of them are just looking for recipes to dishes they want to try out.

You can succeed by building and audience and then using the money to supplement your business.

You could also create recipe EBooks and sell them through your site or providing cooking lessons at a small fee.

5. Business

People want to be independent. Nobody wants to help someone make money all their life. Instead, they want to make their own money.

Some of the top queries are how to start a business, requirements in starting a business and so on.

With a little research you can create a blog that inspires future entrepreneurs to go and make it on their own.

While at it, consider featuring entrepreneurs who are already success – this will give it a more personal feel.

6. Lifestyle

This is one of the hardest niches because it is so broad.

The mistake most bloggers make is go to the extreme and think that all they have to do is write about everything happening in their own lives which is not always right.

Some of the sub niches in this category include travel, gardening, and décor and so on.

You just have to find the right sub niches that you can concentrate on in a life style blog.

7. Jobs and career advice

Everyone is looking for a job at one point and most of this audience goes online to find legit job sites they can use.

To succeed in this niche, you need to post fresh jobs and take it a notch higher by bringing in the idea of career advice, interview preparation, CV and cover letter writing as well as career coaching.

There you have it, the top 7 blog ideas that you might think about venturing into if you have decided to make money blogging. Best of luck!

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