My Two Cents: Why A Career In Digital Marketing Is The Most Rewarding

Why a career in digitla marketing is the most rewarding

I have been in digital marketing for almost two years now and I must admit that the experience has been more than I thought.

I never thought that I would come to love something as much as I do. Coupled with my love for writing, I can comfortably say that I am in the right career.

When I asked what I wanted to become, I will tell you I wanted to be a doctor and not just any doctor but a neuro-surgeon. But well, life happens and instead you find yourself pursuing Communication & PR.

I don’t regret taking the course I did because it led me to where I am today. But one thing I know is that I would have made a really good neuro-surgeon.

Fast forward, to this day. Where were we? Yes, I was telling you why a career in digital marketing is one of the most rewarding.

I figured since I have been there, it would be better to read this first hand, right? And since I also want you to stay on my blog and read other cool stuff after you realize how exciting this career is, I will give you my five major reasons why you should consider this career.

1. It’s the most dynamic industry

Technology is changing at unbelievable rates.

New social media platforms are being created everyday as well as mobile technologies each bringing its own challenges and opportunities.

With each change, people need to stay updated.

And who else to keep you up to date than a digital marketer?

We need to adopt to these new technologies, which is what makes the whole experience of being a digital marker exciting.

Ask any digital marker and they will tell you the one skill that you need is staying informed. From what is happening in the east, west, south and in the north.

If you chose a career in digital marketing, I can assure you that you will never be bored with your job.

You could be working from this industry today and jump into the next one tomorrow and you will still adapt as quick.

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2. You don’t need to be book smart to make it in digital marketing

We all know of careers where you can’t make it if you are not book smart.

Well digital marketing on the hand is the opposite. The street smart are the ones who succeed in this line of career.

With digital marketing all you need is to stay updated on what is happening in the world.

You also need to know how to communicate effectively. It isn’t just enough knowing what is happening but how you relay this information also matters.

Sure, there are those tools that you need to be familiar with as a digital marketer, but there are so many resources on the Internet nowadays.

3. The salary

According to research digital marketing is one of the highest paying careers out there.

With everyone on the internet nowadays, companies have realized that they need to tap into this market.

That is why most companies have an online presence – websites, social media pages, webinars and the likes.

And with these changes a demand for digital markers keeps growing.

Traditional marketing is slowly being replaced by digital marketing.

Media houses have already jumped on this band wagon and are now demanding a need for digital markers to manage their online presence.

And as this demand grows, so done the paycheck of a digital marketer.

4. It’s not just a job but a job you will come to love

There are so many aspects of digital marketing from SEO, social media marketing, email marketing content marketing, SEM and so on.

Working with tool like Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google Trends is all so exciting.

Bottom line, it’s a very amazing career where every day you get to learn something new.

5. Its replacing some traditional jobs

Let’s take the media industry again as an example.

We have all become publishers in this digital world.

Breaking news will travel on social media fast that by the time it makes it in the newspaper or the 9 o’clock bulletin, its already stale news.

This is why major media houses have invested in digital departments to keep up with the fast moving world of news.

This is why digital markers are in demand now more than ever.

It’s the reason every company needs to have a digital marketing team, because these are the guys who take your brand to great heights.

These are the guys who will put in everything they have to ensure that your presence is felt.

Digital marketing is growing in Kenya and I am happy to be part of this. It’s a great career path that will grow tremendously in the coming few years. It’s here to stay which is why we need more digital markers. Do your research online. Take online digital marketing courses to familiarize yourself with the concept. Like every other career, ensure that you have something that other people don’t. And that summarizes my two cents on why a career in digital marketing is one of the most rewarding today.


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