Digital Marketing

Today, the statistics show that people spend twice as much time online than they used to 12 years ago. And this says a lot.

Everything is digital now. People are spending more time on social media now.

People will read about breaking news on social media before it even makes its way to the newspaper.

Online shops are taking over traditional shopping.

And in a world where we have billions of active online users from social media to blogs, digital marketing has become an essential part of life.

So what exactly is digital marketing?

It basically describes all your online marketing efforts.

Businesses today try as much as possible to leverage the power of digital channels to promote their brand and drive traffic to their websites.

Digital marketing tactics

Digital marketing is made up of several components.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is basically the process of ensuring that your content is well optimized for search engines as well as humans through keywords so that you can rank higher than your competitors.

2. Content Marketing

Creation as well as promotion of content with the goal of creating brand awareness, lead generation, traffic and customers.

3. Social Media Marketing

This is basically a funnel approach of attraction customers through online content on social media and turning visitors into clients.

4. Email Marketing

This is the use of email to promote content and direct people to your website.

5. Pay per click (PPC)

This is a method that companies use to drive traffic to their websites through Google Adwords.

6. Inbound marketing

A process of attracting and converting customers using online content.

7. Online marketing

It is a way of making money online by promoting other people’s products and services through your blog or social media pages.

8. Market automation

Software that exists to automate tasks like social media, email and website actions into one.

9. Online PR

This is the art of securing online coverage through digital publications, websites and blogs. It’s more of traditional PR but in a digital context.

As a digital marketer for close to two years, I have gained immense experience in this industry and through sharing of content you can fully understand all about it and how digital marketing can help your business soar to great heights.

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