Fictions & Books

Books & Authors

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. 😀

It is said that books are a uniquely portable magic, capable of trasporting you to a whole new wolld.

They are the windows to our souls and a good book has the ability to captivate you all along. 😎

I love books personally and I respect authors more than anyone else in the world. Translating your thoughts into a magnificent masterpiece is not the esiest thing in the world. 😎

I have loved reading more than anything else in the world and this blog is a living testament of that passion. 😛

I love writing fictions and is confident that one day, a book with my name with grace the bookshelves or major bookshops around the world. ^_^

Enough with the rambling, this section is an appreciation of nooks, authors as well as a free space where my ideas and fantasies come to life. 😛

Feel free to look around and appreacite the work with a coment. 🙂

Welcome to my world! You are about to have one keck of a ride!