Must Read! 5 Free Ways To Grow Your Facebook Followers Today

January 25, 2018

There are a staggering 2.9 billion active social media users on the planet with over 4.3 billion messages sent on Facebook every day.

If you are not on Facebook, I don’t know what you are doing. Based on the statistics, using Facebook to promote your brand can help you reach millions of potential and existing customers.

Its ability to also link with other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat makes it one of the best social media platforms to use.

Putting all this into consideration, why not use it to increase you web visibility and gain followers with these easy tips;

Ways To Grow Your Facebook Followers

1. Build a relationship with your potential audience

The saying out there is to give before you ask and this should be your mantra. This means that in order to get Facebook users interested in what you have to say, you have to first engage with them in a real way.

Find other pages that are related to yours and start engaging users by getting involved in topics of discussion, start conversations and give advice where it is due.

This will work better than just commenting on a topic and then asking people to like your own page.

Naturally, human beings want to build relationships first and this is what you need to tap into.

Your audience needs to feel that they can trust you and what you are offering is in their interest first.

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2. Give them a reason to follow you

Facebook is a great platform to boost audience engagement when you post content that is worth sharing.

If you are a Facebook user and you log in right now, you will notice that your friends have a tendency of sharing posts that are interesting and spark emotions.

If you want to start gaining followers without spending a dime, remember that quality content trumps posting tones of un-sharable content all the time.

Before you even think about spending money on Facebook advertisements, may be the one question you need to ask yourself first is how engaging your page really is.

If it were you, would you follow it?

The goal is to write quality content and post constantly in a way that your readers won’t feel like you are trying too much.

3. Use pop ups and emails to encourage more followers

Relying on Facebook alone to gain followers, is committing brand suicide. Use you other social media pages to drive traffic to your Facebook page.

Have a sidebar with all you social media platforms on your blog. Sometimes, your readers just need to be reminded that your Facebook page exists.

4. Facebook exclusive content

Give your fans an incentive to like your page. Normally, due to the number of pages one has to keep up with already, most people are reluctant to follow new pages.

So how do you make them fall for what you are offering and become loyal fans?

Publishing Facebook exclusive content is one way.

Also, offer promos and discounts to your followers. One of the reasons people follow pages is for the added discounts.

Finally, setting up follower-only contests is one great way of gaining followers on Facebook.

5. Get up close and personal

The mistake most brands make is use Facebook only as a go to place to advertise their products and services.

In fact the reason you have very few followers, is because you are using your page as an ad space.

This may come as a surprise but most companies that thrive on social media get close and personal with their fans. They show then what’s behind the business. They introduce their staff to their Facebook fans and so on.

Let them see who you are away from the business of generating leads through Facebook. This makes the brand more human and gives your followers something to connect with.

Maintaining your social media fan base is a full time job that you cannot afford to ignore. It requires a thorough understanding of social media marketing, analytics and design. And Facebook being a powerful marketing tool, you can earn free followers easily through the above steps. Good luck!

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