10 Life Choices You Will End Up Regreting In 10 Years

January 22, 2018

Regret is one of those things that you should dread the most in life.

Not being able to live to your full potential should not be in your bucket list.

You were put on this earth for two reasons. Number one is to live the life you are supposed to and number two is to touch the lives of others in a positive way.

Allow yourself to take risks in life and to live not for others but for yourself.

And that said, here are ten life choices we all make that you will end up regreting in ten years.

1. Being someone else just to impress others

Are you living an Instagram kind of life? Adding filters and potraying the person that the world wants to see?

Ten years down the life, you will regret wearing a mask just to impress others because when you spend too much time trying to be who others want you to be, eventually you will end up forgetting the person you really are.

2. Letting others create dreams for you

Everyday, we have people in our lives who influence who we become. It may be our parents, relatives or friends.

Who do you want to become? What are your plans in life? Go for them and don’t let anyone tell you that you should be this or that.

3. Putting up with negative company

Your life is too precious to allow others to drag you down a terrible path.

Never allow someone to influence your life or to change who you are.

Only if you hand them the gun can they pull that trigger.

Weed out bad commpany and learn to make your own choices.

The most you can do is allow others to guide you to achieve your goals but not to go down a path of regret and hate.

4. Being egotistical and selfish

Think about your life for a moment. When your time is gone, what will pepople say about you?

What will the world remember you for? You don’t have to be a celebrity to change the world or a billionnare but you can do so in the small things you do today.

They say that the best tombstones are those that reflect a life of good deeds and outstanding character.

After you are gone, you will not be remembered by the big things you did for yourself but those selfless deeds that changed someone else’s life.

Be the kind of person who sees the good in everyone and not only strives for their own success but that of others.

You may never know, maybe that little deed that you never thought was significant may be the one that the world will remember you for.

5. Avoiding change 

If you want to understand better why things keep happening the way they are in you life, go back to your past. Those past actions have led you to the life you are living today.

And if you want to change your future, better start changing the things you are doing today.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

6. Giving up when you experience a little failure

I believe that there is nothing like failure. All there is are lots and lots of lessons to be learned.

Most of the time as you will realize is that life will not always work out the way you had hoped.

The easiest thing to do is give up but I am telling you that that is not a choice.

Started a busines that did not see the light of day? Start again! Had your dream crushed by an event? Dare to dream again!

It is through these setbacks in life that we learn to bounce back and become better versions of ourselves.

7. Micromanaging everything in life

Take some time and try to relax a little bit.

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect all the time.

You can not live your life, choking the life out of it simply because you believe everything should be perfect for you.

Learn to fail sometimes bacause it is through failing that you learn to stand up tall, dust yourself up and do better next tme.

8. Settling when you know you can do better

The world is made up of people who have decided to settle when they know that they can do better. Whether in relationships or careers? You deserve so much better.

It doesn’t matter if time is not by your side. Just wake up and do something. Go for what you want and don’t let someone convince you otherwise.

One thing you will never regret is choosing to be happy in life. Try it!

9. Waiting for tomorrow

You will regret more the things you never did than those that you did.

Life isn’t about living each day thinking that you will have more time tomorrow to do the things that you wanted to do today.

One of these days you will wake up and realize that time has passed and you have not done a single thing.

If its that business you dream of owning, go out there and claim it!

When that day comes, you can either choose to have achieved your goals or have excuses for why you did not.

Making everyday count no matter what should be you mantra in life.

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10. Being lazy and wishy-washy

Have you ever met those people who complain about everything in life?

These kinds of people who act like the wolrd owes them a perfect life?

Well the world owes no one anything and if we are being sincere, you are the one who owes the world.

Stop living a fantasy and start taking charge of your own life.

For once in you life, understand that the world is not perfect. You were not created to waltz through life spoiling the mood for everyone because you cannot accept the outcome of anything.

Above all, stop sitting around expecting that along the way someone will come and do something to change your situation.

That someone is you and someday is now!

We all have our lives to live, and have no time to pick up the pieces of some elese’s.

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