My 15 Favourite TV Shows Of All Time

Game of Thrones

I am one of those people who would rather stay at home watching the latest series than go out. Yeah. I am that weird.

Anyway, those who know me know that I am not a very talkative person. I keep to myself most of the time and I’m not good with big social gatherings.

And not that I don’t have a life. Believe me I am not boring. I believe I have a life since I don’t think you have to be all out going to be considered an interesting person.

So that’s why movies keep me occupied most of the time and here are my best TV Shows of all time.

#1 Game Of Thrones

Jon Snow

What’s not to like about Game of Thrones? When I think about movies I can watch over and over again, this is one of them. And it doesn’t help that I have read the entire George R.R. Martin book series on the same.

To me, it’s the best series ever made and what I love about it is that its a unique storyline and very unpredicatabble. When you can’t foresee something as gross and heartbreaking as the red wedding (that broke my heart by the way), you know you are watching something great.

#2 The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes and Negan, the Walking Dead

When I was introduced to the walking dead, I didn’t know it would captivate me the way it did. My only grudge with the writer and producers is how they kill off some major characters, like for real, Carl Grimes, why would you go and do that?

Anyway, that aside, it comes after Game of Thrones in my list of favourite movies of all time.

#3 Lucifer

Lucifer Morningstar

It’s hard to believe that I was introduced to Lucifer by my kid brother when it was still in its first season.

And since then, it’s one of the movies I can’t delete from my hard disk like ever.

Tom Ellis – you charming devil! Three seasons in and I can’t wait for what happeens next.

#4 Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time TV Show

I love fairy tales so what do you expect when all the characters I grew up reading in story books and watching are all put together to interact in this one world.

This is one great show, that’s all I can say.

#5 One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill TV Show

This is one of the shows I grew up watching and it’s no surprise it makes it to my list of favorite TV shows.

I still have all the 9 seasons. Told you, I am that weird.

#6 Prison Break


This is one of the old school movies I couldn’t quite put down.

The whole movie was amazing. Too bad they had to wait that long for a comeback.

#7 Designated Survivor

designated survivor tv show

After 24, when Kiefer Sutherland (I always refer to him as Jack Bauer) came to star in this propaganda series where an entire government is wiped out, I was immediately hooked.

Two seasons later, I must admit that I am so hooked.

#8 Chicago Med

Chicago Med TV Shows

I love medical dramas. I never got to finish watching Greys Anatomy so when Chicago Med came out, I had to compensate.

Chicago Med is a part of the Chicago brand chain series featuring Chicago Fire and Chicago PD but Chicago Med is one of my favorite of the three.

If you haven’t started watching it, its only in it’s third season now.

#9 Friends


Another classic old school that got me hooked from the first episode.

It is what I am currently watching actually for probably the seventh or ninth time now.

I got all the 10 seasons by the way in case you need them.

#10 How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother Cast

I have watched how I met your mum for I think ten times but I will still watch it again that’s for sure.

It may be a sort of replica of Friends but come on; I still can’t help watching it over and over again, season after season. Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson, Robin, Lily & Marshall, they couldn’t do better than these guys.

#11 Two and a Half Men

Even with the departure of Charlie Sheen, the show never lost its grip on me. Aston Kutcher is still as funny as he has always been.

And Alan Harper, that’s a character that is irreplaceable.

#12 Blackish

blackish cast

What’s not to love in Blackish? According to me, Antony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross are the best co-actors ever.

And the creators of the show just did the finest job blending in what is happening in modern America into one hell of a comedy.

#13 The Big Bang Theory

I fell off Big Bang in Season 7 due to work and other reasons I won’t bore you with but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make it to my list of favorites movies.

I am trying to catch up now in season 10 so I am not that far behind.

I am still dying to see how they will bring in Steven Hawking’s death, being Sheldon’s Cooper’s mentor.

#14 The Simpsons

The Simpsons TV Show

Anyone who has watched this show knows just how comical the entire thing is. So if you have got any seasons, be a doll and share it with a sista.

#15 Family Guy

Family Guy Comedy

Any show that has the touch of Seth MacFarlane is a show I will definitely watch.

Stewie Griffin is my best. I don’t think Family Guy will ever go out of style.

And that sums up my favorites movies of all time. It’s not like I don’t like other movies but these ones – they got me bad. What’s your favourite?


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