One Final Act Of Hope

The crisp mid-November air bit through Yusuf’s throat and he pulled his jacket tighter as he held on to Zainab by the waist pushing through the row of people eager to board the buses and escape the morning chill. The bus station wasn’t crowded as he had expected this time of the year. A woman […]

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The Catch

The chaos of flowers is the siren call that tingles the unwary traveler. Or so they say. The cell phone vibrates me awake. I reach for it; hold the bright screen to my squinting face. It’s another call from my dad. “It’s fucking five o’clock.” I push it aside and go back to sleep. An […]

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The Power Couple: Brian and I

When I arrived home that day, Brian was lying on the sofa watching the TV. I could tell by the look he gave me, that our cold war was still on. I was dog tired and all I wanted was his stimulating massage but now that we were not on speaking terms, all I could […]

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